Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes

The JDRF Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes is a great way to get kids and teachers excited about healthy living and helping others.

This school program gives teachers a flexible diabetes and health education curriculum while giving kids learning activities, an awareness and understanding of diabetes, and an opportunity to earn awards for their accomplishments.

The program also provides a “tool kit” for creating a school Walk and shows schools how to raise money for diabetes research – and a cure!

Why Hold A Kids Walk To Cure Diabetes At Your School?

The two goals of this program are to teach students about diabetes, and to raise money for type 1 diabetes research. The program gives students an opportunity to help fellow students affected by diabetes AND raise money for their school!

Benefits for your school:

Your school receives 10% of the money raised.

Students earn fun prizes depending on the amount of money they collect.

Your school will receive one of the following banners for the respective dollar amounts:

  • Raise $1,000-$4,999 to win the Silver-Star Banner!
  • Raise $5,000-$9,999 to win the Gold-Star Banner!
  • Raise $10,000 or more to win the Diamond-Star Banner!
How the Kids Walk To Cure Diabetes Program WorksStep 1:Contact your local JDRF chapter to schedule your Kids Walk. Pick two days, two weeks apart. Your school can participate any time of the year!Step 2:On the first scheduled date, JDRF volunteers come in during your PE classes to teach your students about diabetes and explain the Kids Walk program, giving them ideas on how to collect donations.Step 3:Students have two weeks to collect donations.Step 4:Two weeks after we have taught the classes, we hold a Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes on your campus. JDRF volunteers come back to your school on the walk day and help run it. We take care of collecting the money. The teacher never has to collect, count, or keep track of the money. We do all the work!

Step 5:Wrap up your campaign. Expect Kids Walk prizes, your school banner and your 10% appreciation check to arrive six weeks after your donations and order forms are received by your local JDRF chapter.

And now its even easier because you can raise donations online. Just go to register today!

To set up a Kids Walk in the Charlotte-metro and Asheville area, contact Jennifer Hall at at 704.561.0828.

To set up a Kids Walk in the Upstate South Carolina area, contact Jennifer Park at or at 864.770.0276.